Projector White Dots Fix: The Complete Guide 2020

Suffering projector white dots on the screen? When you do some google searching with the projector white dots, stuck of pixels or dead pixels, needless to say, you'll have the answer of DLP chip failure. But do you know which chip will suitable for your DLP projector or Projection TV? In today's post, I am going to share you how to buy the exact replacement chip to fix your DLP projector or projection TV white dots error. Meanwhile, I will take my example projector to replace the unite with step by step. So that you will have [...]

This DMD Chip List Will Make You Fix Projectors & DLP TVs White Dots

Want a DMD chip to replace on your DLP projector or projection TV? Of course, you can purchase it from the major big store like Amazon and Aliexpress, but do you know which part number fits for your projector? In reality, I have been asking what is the part number of my BenQ projector. For sure, you won't know the chip part number unless tearing the projector down to get the broken unite on hand. But in today's post, I am sharing how to figure out which chip that assembled on your projector or projection TV. [...]

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  1. Bunk

    Well I read till the end and there isn’t any info you you telling me how to know which DMD chip I need for my projector. I have a Optoma PRO350W , Widescreen 16:10 enhanced DLP HDMI projector. Can anyone tell me what DMD chip I need to fix this awesome projector. It started with one tiny white light spot and grew over two months by 2 or 3 at a time to cover about 3/4 of the screen. I love this projector. The quality and clarity of detail is very much top notch for what I use it for. So can anyone point me in the right direction to purchase the right replacement chip?

  2. Todd Hill

    Can you tell me the chip # for an optoma eh501?

    1. tsehomme


      The HD chip will work for your projector

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