This DMD Chip List Will Make You Fix Projectors & DLP TVs White Dots

Want a DMD chip to replace on your DLP projector or projection TV? Of course, you can purchase it from the major big store like Amazon and Aliexpress, but do you know which part number fits for your projector? In reality, I have been asking what is the part number of my BenQ projector. For sure, you won’t know the chip part number unless tearing the projector down to get the broken unite on hand. But in today’s post, I am sharing how to figure out which chip that assembled on your projector or projection TV.

What Is DMD Chip In Projector

Before we dive in how to find the chip for your projector, let’s talk about what is the DMD chip in the projector.

In order to make it easy to understand, I do not explain it so technical as Wikipedia did it.

In fact, a DMD is a light reflector which is in charge of reflecting light from the bulb through the lens and reach the screen.

While the image needed the black display, the DMD will reflex the light to the heatsink.

And become a black pixel appearing on the screen.

In contrast, it illuminates a bright pixel.

With millions of black and bright pixels reflected, it forms a picture as we can see.

That is to say, the DMD chip contains millions of small mirrors to project those pixels.

How Does DMD Chip Go Bad

No matter a DLP projector or TV, they are lighted up with a projector bulb which more than 100 wattages.

The bulb will produce lots of heat and need to be cooled down by a projector fan.

As time goes by, the fan will be dusty inside.

If you don’t clean the fan and the optical system, the device will be lack of cooling.

Then causes the chip to become aging quickly.

Under those circumstances, some pieces of the small mirror inside the DMD chip will be out of work.

That is the main reason that the chip goes bad.




DLP Chip For Mitsubishi Samsung And Toshiba Projection TV

Sincere 2006, the Mitsubishi, Samsung, and Toshiba started providing the 57 – 82 inches DLP TVs. Even if more than 10 years later, these TVs are still working great. The users only have to afford to get a replacement lamp and keep on watching. However, as days passed, there should be lots of dust inside the TV that causes a lack of cooling. In this case, the DMD chip working on the projection TV become aging and stop working properly. Finally, the white spots (on a dark background) or black dots (on a bright background) are displaying on it. Comparing to spend more than $600 to have a new LED TV as a replacement, people are willing to spend two hundred and fifty bucks to get the old projection TV fix. Therefore, if your Mitsubishi, Samsung or Toshiba projection TV is running with white dots, you may consider replacing the chip to get working again.

The 1910W Is The One That Works For The DLP TVs

Wanna know the DLP chip compatible list? Here they are:

Where To Buy The DMD Chip For Front Projectors

Besides, there are numbers of DLP front projectors coming with DLP technology. You may be wondering how to find the correct chip work for your projector model Now, Check my DMD chip projector compatible list. That will guide you to the direct chip of the projector.

Can A DMD Chip Be Repaired

The short answer to this question is ‘No’.

Texas Instrument is the only manufacturer of the projector DMD Chip.

And the chip contains millions of micro-mirrors as small as human hair.

To repair the chip requires special tools to handle these large volume small mirrors which is very difficult.

Therefore, there isn’t any repairing guy who can work on it.


While you are having white spots displaying on your projector screen, you will need a replacement projector DMD chip to fix it.

However, looking for a correct chip for your DLP projector is the first step.

You can check from our list to get you replacement one.

Moreover, please leave us a comment if you are not able to find your DLP model on our list.

We will include it as an update.


On the other hand, while you have your new replacement chip, you may check our projector white dots fix guide to get some idea of replacing it.


PS: The chip list links are Amazon and Aliexpress affiliate links. They are safe to click with your purchase. We will get a little commission when you purchase the chip with the link. That will support us keep on writing the post like this. And which won’t add you any extra cost.

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