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How to fix projector common problem

Posted by alex on 8/7/2012 to Tech guide
Help you to fix a projector common problemAs with the degree of technological maturity has continued to improve, and projection has become our daily life and work conferences, training, entertainment, other areas of the necessities.In particular, home projector in recent years of rapid development, Home Projector makes it increasingly common. In our view, during the Olympic Games home projector the frequent use and in the event of a problem, it may make you very disheartening. In order to be able to help you, provided some of the common faults and how to troubleshoot problems in the hope that can help you solve problems.

1. No response when you press the ON key of the projector

First of all, we should check the power plug is good contact with the projector bulb, and check the filament or bulb is beyond lamp life. In general, the projector bulb of the damage is a common phenomenon, and the lamp is lit will quickly rise to previous 1000 degrees, and Filament in a semi-fuse status at this time. Do not move the projector at this time, or a very easy-to-burning light bulb or explosive.

2. The projector is on, but there is no image.

Projector turned on, there is no input signal, a general can be summarized as follows: one is a post-stay after the 4 small pictures, especially for sharp projector. When we are using Sharp projector,  projector will automatically run this protection feature if you do not have shut down properly without cooling the projector lamp.

Signal switching is not correct. Apart from the projection system by pressing the corresponding key has no instructions, there is notebook of the output signal does not switch. In general, the system key is correct, we also have projectors that are not displayed. It is also because there is no switching signal correctly. User needs to operate correctly PC device and the projector of the press.

Finally, we have to check all of the signal cable is connected, connect a plug is loose or bad connections. Usually we should turn on the projector, and then the computer correct action, check your computer external video connector is turned on.

3. Image color deviation

When using a projector, we will usually respond to Color Control parameters have a fixed setting. If this parameter is messed up by others, the image projection display deviation will occurs. This time, we need to use the remote to re-adjust.

In addition, the cable of the projectors lose connect or broken pins from tilt may also lead to a color signal cannot be transferred. And then to pendant projector as an example, it is less moving, far away from the computers with a long cable, the projection display will be a problem, and, of course, there may be a serious loss of signal or the color.

4. Burry text or image

In general, text or image is blurred because the focal length settings. When you do this, we need to turn on projector in the Settings menu, and the focal length setting to re-adjust. When the presenter, we have to note between projector and screen, and the distance from the fixed to be appropriate to adjust the zoom text to image clarity.

In addition, the projector lens is dusty will have text or image appears blurry. In particular the suspended overhead projector, if we do not have lens cover for a long time, it will lead to the thick dust, this will also affect projector presentations. In this case, we can use a clean soft cloth, wipe lens paper or a private thing to be careful clean the projection lens.

Finally, computer display resolution should also match with projectors, especially at a refresh rate is not adjusted too high. Check the projector resolution if is adjusted too low, or the computer display refresh rate is too high. Because that would probably make it text or images become blurred.
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